Bournemouth virtual office services

All businesses have to start somewhere.

And for you that ‘somewhere’ could be in your kitchen or spare bedroom, armed with a laptop and a phone.

If that’s the case, and you want to make a professional impression from the get-go, you should have your mail delivered to us.

We’ll then forward it on to you, or you can pop in to collect it – we’ll even stick the kettle on.

You’ll probably be keen to avoid putting your personal mobile number on your website or marketing material, too.

So, we’ll take care of your calls as well as your post if you like?

We’ll set you up with a local phone number and answer calls with your business name.

They can then be forwarded on to another number, or, if you’re not available, we’ll take a message for you.

Virtual office services to suit you

Post handling service

£60 per month

Call handling service

£75 per month

Full virtual office service

£100 per month

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