Head of Bourne Space

Hailing from West Yorkshire, Sarah, or ‘Sa’ as she’s affectionately known, heads up Bourne Space and is the ‘mummy’ of the team.

Known for her love of coffee (five a day at least), she’s also partial to crisps and ice cream – sometimes at the same time.

Her dream dinner party guests would be Micky Flanagan, George Michael and Russell Brand.


Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager Natalie is known as ‘Pezza’ (we still don’t know why) and supports Sarah on all aspects of running our offices.

A lover of ‘posh’ coffee, instant just doesn’t cut the mustard for Nat, whose favourite meal is a nice plate of pesto pasta.

With her favourite film being Shawshank Redemption, it’s not surprise that Pezza would have Morgan Freeman round for dinner, alongside Piers Morgan and Tina Turner.


Members Accounts Manager

Members Accounts Manager Lou can usually be found beavering away behind the scenes looking after our members’ contracts.

Another coffee lover, she’s also a fan of Lost in Translation – presumably she can make out what’s going on in that particular flick?

Her three dinner party guests would be Jon Stewart, Graham Coxon and Grayson Perry – a truly eclectic mix.


Events Manager

Super-healthy Keela is known as ‘Tequila’, so you can see where this is going…

Unsurprisingly, she’s a coffee drinker during the day, though, while also sneaking in a block or two of dark chocolate a couple of times a week as a treat.

Her favourite film is The Notebook (Weepy McWeep Face) and she’d serve up a lovely dinner to Will Smith, Ed Sheeran and Coco Chanel – with coffee and chocolate for afters a guarantee.


Admin & Events Co-ordinator

Finally, a member of the Bourne Space team who doesn’t live on coffee.

Admin and Events Co-Ordinator Wenders prefers to pop open a bottle of fizz – but not during working hours, of course.

The Sandy to her Danny Zuko having watched Grease literally hundreds of times, Wendy’s dinner guests would include Zoe Ball, Paul Walker and Audrey Hepburn – who would be forced to indulge in her love of steak and chips.


Communications Executive

If you’ve ever messaged us through social media, it’s more than likely you’ll have received a response from Communications Executive Lei.

Like Keela, she’s partial to a romantic film, but plumps for Jude Law’s The Holiday over Ryan Gosling and The Notebook.

Her dinner party menu would be framed around bread and cheese, with Peter Kay, Sir David Attenborough and Nick Grimshaw the lucky recipients.


Membership Co-ordinator

Emzy looks after our members and supervises the reception at Bourne Gardens, while fuelled on tea (she likes to be different).

Like Leila, her favourite film is The Holiday, but her three dinner party guests, guaranteed a hefty portion of pasta, would be Jennifer Aniston, Rhianna and Ant & Dec – in Em’s world, they are one person…


Membership Co-Ordinator

Membership Co-Ordinator Sammy Sue is the first person you’ll see if you visit Bourne House.

Her reception camaraderie alongside Emily dictates that she drinks tea and only coffee when she “really needs to get going”.

Forrest Gump is her favourite film, but Tom Hanks misses out on a seat at dinner in favour of Helena Bonham Carter, Bill Bailey and Emmeline Pankhurst – all of whom would be enjoying an old school tiramisu for dessert.


Membership Co-ordinator

Membership Co-Ordinator Lils can always be found with a smile and a pint of black coffee at Bourne House.

A creature of habit, she can also be found tucking into an extra hot vegetable jalfrezi every Friday without fail and admits she’d like to wash it down with a gin or two.

Her favourite film is The Goonies, while Larry David, Robert DeNiro and Idris Elba would be her guests for, presumably, another jalfrezi.